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Old man Highland didn't trust in banks. Rumor has it that he squirreled away $50,000 before his recent passing. The building has been condemned for a future freeway. The crane and wrecking ball will be here in one hour. Good Luck!!

Objective:   You have one hour to find the $50,000.



Picture this, your best friend is leaving for a trip with his girlfriend. They are at the airport, which is 25 minutes away. Their flight leaves in an hour and a half. His plan is to propose to his girlfriend while on their Hawaiian vacation. But, there is one problem...he forgot the ring! He has hidden the ring really well so that his girlfriend did not stumble across it. It is up to you to find the ring and deliver it to the airport before their flight leaves, you have one hour. If you search the room you will find 37 clues that will eventually lead you to the ring. GO! 

Objective:   You have one hour to find the ring.



You forgot that you have your final exam today, and you do not know the material. Luckily, your professor will allow you to use the notes that you have taken during the semesters lectures. The problem is, your hilarious friend thought that it would be funny to hide them from you as a practical joke. You have exactly one hour to find them in order to make it to your exam on time. You will need to search high and low, inside, behind, above, under, and through the room for clues that will lead you to your notes. Good Luck!!

Objective:   You have one hour to find your final exam notes!

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